Knowledge is Power!

As I teach my students about the American Revolution, I am reminded of my school days. My teacher would show the Schoolhouse Rock videos during class, and then we would talk about what the video showed. I always loved those videos because they explained the basics of what happened with a catchy song and fun animation. A few former students I taught, always loved class when I showed one of those videos. One important thing to remember, these videos are more appropriate for grades 4-6.

This video was their favorite!

Teaching about the American Revolutionary War is a great way to lead into teaching about government.

And how bills are either signed into laws, or sent back for revision

And about how voting and the Electoral College works

Children love to watch videos. They can also pay attention to the words of each song for class discussion later. These videos were always helpful and fun to watch! If you get the chance, use them in your class!

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