Word Games With History

credit: Google images

credit: Google images

Today I had my students a fun little activity to complete in social studies class. I had found a mad-libs type of worksheet centered around George Washington. It’s not long and easy for students of different levels. My students came up with some funny sentences due to the words they chose for each blank (which specified a type of word below it: noun, adjective, past tense verb, etc.).
One student came up with this sentence:

Washington scored a major victory at bathroom.

While the grammar isn’t perfect each word (which is in bold) fit the type of word that was asked for. That same student came up with this for the final sentence:

In 1783, he won the British apple and the war was over.

If only that really happened. 🙂 The colonies gained independence from Great Britain due to a piece of fruit!The other student’s final sentence was this:

In 1783, he ate the British cake and the war was over.

That must have been King George’s cake if eating it ended the war! haha! This type of activity allows students to think creatively. They can practice grammar skills. And they get a chance to have fun while learning about history (It’s important that students learn the real facts before doing this worksheet, though).

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