Those Who Can, DO; Those Who Can’t, TEACH!

Every profession has its share of problems. Some are definitely more difficult than others, but every job also has people who like to make rude comments about the profession, and belittle those who work in it.

I can only speak from my own experiences, but I’ve heard some pretty nasty comments about teachers by parents, administrators, and other people.

How do you respond when you hear rude comments about teaching?

tumblr_nmhzc1ZlQ31qgejpoo5_400It’s easy to get angry when somebody says disparaging comments about your profession, or you, personally. It’s easy to retort with some witty snide remark, and look like a jackass. It’s harder to respond with wisdom and compassion.

We Are Teachers has a helpful list of things to say to people who make rude comments.

I like the list of helpful things to say from the “Say this” suggestion, but I often fall into the “Not that” section of comments.


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4 responses to “Those Who Can, DO; Those Who Can’t, TEACH!

  1. I would put this comment in the same revolting garbage bag as the book “If you want to be successful in life, don’t go to school’.

    It should be “If you can DO, if you can’t, GO and WRITE nonsense quotes like this’!

    It frustrates me, but on the other hand we have to admit there are some terrible teachers out there, and terrible government policies on education, so who’s to blame I wonder?

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