4 new discoveries in the animal kingdom in 2015

If you have a lesson about animals in an upcoming science class, you could share this information with your kids.


In true testament to the world that remains yet undiscovered prior to the halfway point of 2015 we have a number of newly discovered species not previously described in scientific literature. The continual discovery of new species in a wide array of taxa serves to remind us that our knowledge is not infinite, and that curiosity is still an integral part of the scientific mind.

1) The Violet Vampire Crab Geosesarma dennerle
This species of vampire crab, whilst new to science, has been exploited by the aquarium trade for a number of year. A native of central Java, this land dwelling species is found along hillstreams. Adult Geosesarma dennerle reach approximately 14 millimeters in width, and in addition to the strikingly bright purple chelae (claws), the walking legs and front of the upper carapace also possess violet to purplish-brown coloration. The rear of the upper carapace is cream to yellowish-white…

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