Think positive!


What is in your mind? What is in your mind?

“Wow! What a wastage that the leave being eaten by insect?”

“How ugly!”

“How nice if the leave in good condition!”

“Must spray insect repellent!”

It’s all depend on your perspective and angle of life. For positive people, they are always look at thing in different and positive angle. Transform your mindset.

You might say,

” Wow! How great that we can share food to other creatures like snails, grasshoppers and others!”

“Wow! All other beings can also enjoy a great dinner!”

This evening, I went for a hair cut and I shared with my hairstylist that I can see more white hairs nowadays.

He answered “No worries about white hairs, its easy to settle, just dye your hair. However, you are blessed as many people are losing their hair.”

Always look at things in positive angle, it’s not only benefit to yourself yet to…

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