ELT Resources: Free Download

Yay for FREE resources!



Please click on the file name to download the workbooks. If the file does not start to automatically download, copy the URL and paste it into the address line of your browser.

American English Pronunciation Card

Instructor’s Guide(http://www.languageartspress.com/Downloads/Pronunciation%20Card%20Instructor’s%20Guide.pdf)

The Grammar You Need

Level 1 Student Workbook: Building Sentences(http://www.languageartspress.com/Downloads/TGYN%20Level%201%20Workbook.pdf)

The Word Combination Card

Student Workbook(http://www.languageartspress.com/Downloads/Word%20Combination%20Card%20Workbook%20-%202nd%20Edition.pdf)

Instructor’s Guide(http://www.languageartspress.com/Downloads/WordCombinationCardInstructorsNotes.pdf)

College ESL Quarterly
An e-Newsletter for Higher Ed ESL Teaching Professionals, featuring tips from the higher ed trenches, plug-and-play content-based exercises, “Lingo,” the first-ever higher ed ESL comic, and more!

CEQ – Spring 2015


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