8 Benefits of English (Language) Exchange

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As you read the title, you may be thinking that the benefits of a language exchange partner are obvious, right? You get to practice speaking, which leads to improving your fluency. Ok, blog post done. However, let me specify here that I am writing about the benefits of English exchange amongst learners, and not necessarily with a native speaker. Many learners think, and I currently have several students at English Outside the Box who initially felt the same way, that they won’t improve their language skills when talking with another non-native speaker. Many think their grammar and pronunciation will go uncorrected, they’ll be hearing mistakes and therefore, learn “incorrect” English, or will have no significant benefit for participating in such an exchange.

Well, you are wrong.

With all due respect of course, please forgive what could be interpreted as an insult, but I strongly believe that the benefits of English exchange, even…

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