5 tips for shifting your pedagogy


1. Accept that schools don’t have a monopoly on learning.

People, and especially children, are inherently curious, and learn through necessity and purpose. Just because you teach a lesson on something doesn’t mean students will learn anything. What are your students passionate about? What can they not wait to get home to do? What are they learning despite your classes? Engage in this world and you’ll see real learning.

2. Try one thing

Don’t be daunted by the unlimited possibilities available to you. There’s new gadgets, jargon and trends all over the place and you can’t be expert in anything overnight. Just pick one thing to try this unit/week/lesson and have a go. If it doesn’t work – take the advice you would give your students – reflect and try again.

3. Do something you don’t intend to assess

Just let the students go – just for one task and…

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