What do Teachers Need to Know about High-Potential English Language Learners?

TDSB Professional Library

Submitted by Judy C, one of our fabulous reference librarians.

Pereira, N., & de Oliveira, L. C. (2015). Meeting the Linguistic Needs of High-Potential English Language Learners: What Teachers Need to KnowTeaching Exceptional Children47(4), 208-215.

How to access the full-text of this article:

  1. Log into your TDSB Google Account (not personal gmail) using your network login.
  2. Click here for username and password to access this Ebscohost article.
  3. Click on the article title and enter the username and password.

This article points out that ELL students are “underrepresented in gifted programs and teachers struggle to provide these students with adequate educational experience”.  High-potential ELL students have distinct educational needs, and this article provides strategies and tools for teachers  to use with these students in clearly laid out charts.

Teachers of high-potential ELL students need to know:

  • ELL students are underrepresented in gifted programs.
    • There is a…

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