15 Ways to Attack a Text

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Reading is no longer seen as a passive skill. Readers co-construct texts, and great teachers go beyond gist and comprehension questions, tapping into students’ creative and critical faculties. Here are 15 ideas for approaching and exploiting texts in class:



Use titles to predict the content. The students make wh- questions after reading the title: what do you think the text is about? Where might it take place? Who is involved? Or turn the title into a question. Title: “Inspiring leaders.” Questions: “What makes inspiring leaders? Who are the most inspiring leaders?” Brainstorm the topic. What vocabulary do you expect to find in the text?



“Zoom in”: examine language use and writers’ strategies (irony, humor, gaps in the narrative). Why do writers use them? Then “Zoom out”: look at the context and surrounding features of the text:…

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