Teaching Kindergarten: 6 Ways To Promote Great Writing

My Story, My Song

It’s summer, and what am I thinking about?

Kindergarten…one of my loves!

Summer is a great time for teachers to rest, rejuvinate, and reflect on what makes their classrooms the best place for learning and growing. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about writing. Specifically, writing that is completed by five-year-old authors.

It’s an amazing blessing to have a front row seat to the transformation that takes place in a kindergarten student’s communication skills. Some come to the classroom with very few words in their spoken vocabularies and leave for first grade not only with a wide bank of oral conversation skills, but as writers.

When we are able to unlock the door to writing, we introduce our students to a whole big beautiful world of storytelling, sharing, learning, expressing, and communicating. The possibilities become endless.

"Good morning! Today is Friday, 2014. No one is absent. I like hunting." “Good morning! Today is Friday, 2014. No one is absent. I…

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