Long Time, No See!

Hello friends and readers! It’s been a while since I last posted. It’s been a bit crazy with moving from one city to the next, and beginning at a new school right after finishing at my old one. I just completed my first full week of teaching at my new school, which is a kindergarten and elementary English academy in Seoul. It was pretty intense getting used to a new system and tons of new students, but I’m a pro, haha!

I have over 80 students to teach daily! I teach three classes of 5 year olds, with 20 kids in each class (though I only teach ten at a time). Then I teach three or four classes of elementary kids in the afternoons (after 2pm). My day is pretty much non-stop from 9am-7pm. I hope to have time to write after 7 when I finish, and now that I’ve gotten settled in to things.

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