Re-thinking the start of the year – what would you do differently?

Teaching the Teacher

The first day of school.

There’s already blogposts popping up on my twitter feed about dos and dont’s for those few precious hours you’ll spend with the children you’ll spend the next year of your life.

When I look back at a post I wrote a few  years ago about my plans for the start of the year,  a lot was focused on the learning environment and what the kids were doing, not necessarily what they were learning.

So I decided to approach planning this day differently.

What do I want the children in my class thinking and feeling at the end of the school day?

I hope the children leave school feeling happy and excited about the year ahead. In addition, I also want them to be thinking about the connections we need to make to come together as a class.

How to get there?

Very gently.

Instead of me…

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