Problems are expected, but it’s not the problem… but how you approach it that matters. Being prepared to deal with adversity helps make great teachers!

The FUTURE of Learning


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Depending on where you are learning English in the world will definitely have some impact on what your special ESL problems will be.

I am going to put together some countries and what I know of the ESL learning issues are, and please feel free to react, add or deny anything written here as I haven’t worked in all these places but do know some people who have.

CountryESL teaching experience
Japan–          Have a problem pronouncing certain letters – ‘l’

–          Find it hard to meet native speakers to practice with unless they are in the largest cities

–          Find learning English expensive

–          Still have a lot of pressure from culture to stay within the norm

–          Must follow the rules of the family without question, sometimes to the negative of their English skills

Korea–          Have a problem some pronunciation

–         …

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