What evidence is there to support the different ELT methods and approaches? with Russell Mayne

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Photo by Mythpunk under Creative Commons from: https://flic.kr/p/9VDJcK Photo by Mythpunk under Creative Commons from: https://flic.kr/p/9VDJcK

In one of our previous podcasts: ‘ELT methods and approaches: the emperor’s new clothes?’, which you can listen to here, we explored the question of whether there was any scientific evidence behind the most common methods to teaching English. The episode was so popular that we decided to invite Russell Mayne to do a follow-up one. Russ is well-known for his blog ‘Evidence based EFL’, where he debunks the most common myths concerning ELT and SLA, so we thought he’d be the perfect guest to tell us if and what evidence there is to support the most common ELT methods and approaches.

What do you think? Which methods do you normally use in class? Is there one best method or does its effectiveness depend on the socio-cultural context? Leave us a comment below.

russ mayne

Russell Mayne has taught English for over 15…

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