Where the Wild Things Are

This month I am reading the book Where The Wild Things Are  by Maurice Sendak.


This book as always been a favorite of mine! The story of Max, King of the Wild Things, and his rumpus with the Wild Things was always fun to read! The pictures are colorful and really make you feel like you’re there along with Max.

Not only are the pictures excellent and imaginative, but the story deals with an important aspect of growing up – conflict and resolution. Max is sent to bed with no supper for making mischief, and he gets angry at his mother (so would I if I were Max).


That night, Max’s room becomes this forest and he goes on a journey to this fantastical land full of mysterious creatures. He is crowned “King of the Wild Things”, and they have a wild rumpus! (I love that word, rumpus!).


Max and his new friends play all night! By the morning, Max is tired, hungry, and lonely (though he won’t admit it). He goes back to his home to find his supper waiting on his table, still hot.

At the heart of this story is the theme of love. Max’s mother loves him so much, even though he causes mischief. Max loves his mother even though he causes mischief. Max knows he can’t be on his own forever, but the Land Where the Wild Things Are will always hold a special place in Max’s heart (I think) – a place he can return to in his dreams.


It reminds me that I love my own students so much, even though they drive me crazy some days! I’m sure you feel the same way about your own.


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