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Dilbert is a great comic that satirizes office culture and the idiocy of it all. I’ve always loved it!

Whether it’s a comic strip or a whole comic book, the humor, drama, development, and social commentary has always entertained me.

Do you like comic books or strips? How about your students? I teach creative/essay writing to my elementary ESL students on Friday each week. Sometimes we write a story, and others we choose a topic from the textbook or about a special event. The students usually write a paragraph or two (depending on their level).

Last Friday, I decided to try something new and fun instead of the usual format. I printed off a (free) PDF file that had blank comic strip templates. I put them together and had my students write a story with a topic of their choosing. The results were quite….interesting, a little confusing, and funny!

Here is a small sample of some students’ work. These are second-grade students, so there are quite a few errors, nonsensical pictures or phrases, etc. The point was to get them to be creative and express something fun. The grammar and whatnot will come later.

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We had a lot of fun, and a few students who disliked the essay-style of writing really go into this.

And here’s a short comic from one of my fourth-grade students.


If you’re struggling to get your students interesting in writing, try this approach!

It helps them develop creativity, basic writing skills, and can help visual learners, too!

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