How Much Is This?


This past Friday we had a “flea market day” at our school!! The students and even some teachers donated old items (toys, clothes, make up, etc.) over the past few weeks to sell at the market. We sorted items that were worth $1, $2, and $5. We printed our own money, and stuck my face, as well as two of my co-teacher’s faces on them. We counted them out into stacks of $20, $19, $18, and $17 to give to students. We allocated amounts to the students based on their attitude in class, homework completion, and overall participation. We gave the students chances to increase their amounts if they were under $20.

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We set up four classrooms: a $1 room, a $3 room, a $5 room, and a snack room. For the snack, we served cola-flavored and pineapple-flavored slushies. We also served two food items:순대  and 떡볶. The first item (pronounced soon-dae), is similar to blood-sausage, and the second item is (pronounced tteok-pokki) is a sweet and spicy sauce with rice cake and fish cake. Both are really delicious!

2016-07-22 14.18.05

Here’s my $1 room.

We had two groups of students, the beginning level first and second graders who came from 2-4pm, and the intermediate to advanced level second through fourth graders who came from 4-6pm. That was about 150-200 students in all.

2016-07-22 14.01.59

These are our grades 1-2 students. Aren’t they cute?? 🙂

We had a short presentation in our gym to start the event. This was a great opportunity for them to practice saying certain phrases we use while shopping:

  • “How much is it?”
  • “Can I have a discount?”
  • “Can I have a refund?”
  • “It is $X, please.”
  • “Thank you!”

2016-07-23 09.13.53

We split up the kids into four groups by class (the first graders were together, second grade together, and so on), and they had a certain amount of time in each room before the end of the day.

So, here is a gallery of the day.

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The kids and students had so much fun!! We actually sold out of all our items!!

*Unfortunately I wasn’t in the snack room so I didn’t get any pictures of that or the $5 room.

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