And Now, A Word From Mr. Feeny

One of my all-time favorite fictional teachers is Mr. George Feeny from the TV series, Boy Meets World, that aired in the 90s. Being just a few years younger than the actors in the show (really, the main actors: Ben Savage, Danielle Fishel, and Rider Strong, aren’t much older than I am in real life), I felt that the character, Mr. Feeny, was in a sense my “teacher”, too.

Growing up I loved that show, and even now, 20-some years later it’s still relevant. As a teacher now, I try to emulate qualities that the character had: believing in students, encouraging them, challenging them to do better, being there for them when they need someone, and hoping my students have learnt something useful during their time with me.

So, I’d love to leave you all with this:


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