It’s Just One of Those Days…


This is me but without the dreads

Monday, Monday (da da~~ da da da)… Mondays are my most stressful days next to Fridays. I have seven classes to teach and they’re all  handful. Between the little break time I get, and a short 40 minute lunch, I am pretty much running around all day.

Today, a new teacher officially began at the academy where I work, so I’ve been busy helping her with training last week, and even with a few classes today. I’m not the head foreign teacher either, but the second-in-command I guess. I spent my only break helping the newbie (which was fine, I’m glad to do it) in addition to getting my own work done.

AND to top it all off, in my last class, two students got into a small fight during the break time – the time in which the Korean and Native teachers change, so there’s nobody in the class for those few minutes. One of the students involved, after being talked to by the head teacher and another Korean teacher, was in a bad mood all through class (I was genuinely worried after he wouldn’t calm down and began hitting himself). Once classes are all finished (everybody finishes by 6 with classes), we have a staff meeting until 7pm.

Well that pretty much sums up my day, just on-the-go from 9am to 7pm. Now that I’m home and finished cooking dinner, I can finally relax!


Aww yes!! 

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