One Fine Day Part 2, Role-play Activity

Earlier, I wrote about our book of the month, One Fine Day, by Nonny Hogrogian. 51nhepk2-sl

Well, I adapted that book into a role-play script. I also made stick-puppets for the students to role-play with as they read their lines.

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The part of the “storyteller” was reserved for the teacher, since it has the most lines and keeps the story flowing. The other parts: Fox, Old Woman, Cow, Hen, Peddler, Stream, Field, Young Girl, and Miller, can all be given to students. I cut a few lines from the parts during the reading, but feel free to allow more advanced learners to try them.

The students had a great time reading the script (with my help), and playing with the stick-puppets. The task was a little challenging, but they succeeded in reading the simple sentences. Using drama and role-play activities help build speaking and reading skills, as well as self-confidence. And it’s a lot of fun!

If you have time, you can try this out with your students! Or if you have an experience to share, please comment below. I’d love to read about it!

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