Do You See a Bear?


This month we’ve been reading We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury. This is a classic children’s story that’s fun to read! It is full of engaging illustrations, as well as an exciting story about finding an bear. The verses almost has a beat to it as you read it, and is great for incorporating music into the classroom. You can do a call-and-response style of reading with students.

There are also fun words such as “swish” and “squerch” for kids to say. You can do actions to accompany the journey and have the kids get moving! There are many extension activities you can do, too! I’ve  had my students do a role-play with the story, learn about bear body parts, and tomorrow we’re learning about animal tracks.

Let’s make animal tracks!

This story opens up the opportunity to talk about animals – a topic kids love! You can talk about different kinds of animals and have them share what their favorite animals are! Along with animals, you can talk about how people and animals make footprints (tracks).

A fun and engaging activity for kids to do, is have them stamp animal tracks onto a paper. I got the idea from here. I bought some sponges from Daiso (similar to a “dollar store”) and made some tracks stamps. I made tracks for a dog, tiger, elephant, turkey, raccoon, deer, moose, and a duck. I made some examples as shown below.


This will be a messy but fun experiences for my kids!

For more “bear hunt” activities and ideas, check out these links below:


Arts and crafts are great ways to get students involved in learning, and they may have a better chance of remembering the concepts and vocabulary from the lesson!

You may have your ideas, too, and that’s great! Please share them below!

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