Gotta Catch ‘Em All!!

Pokemon Go finally came to all of South Korea!! (whoo hoo!)


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Pokemon has always been a fun game for many children (and adults) around the world. Now that you can catch them in the real world makes the game that much more exciting!

Can I use this in my ESL class?

The answer is “YES!”

This game is great for introducing places around town, and giving directions. If you, or your students, have the game on your mobile phone, it’s a great way to engage learners.

They can

  • become more active by moving around
  • become more enthusiastic about answering questions
  • gain self-confidence in their speaking skills
  • develop listening comprehension
  • practice using prepositions
  • practice giving directions
  • name different buildings they see, who works there, and what they do
  • just have fun

I may try this out with a few of my classes. 🙂

This game, or other socially oriented mobile games, are excellent and fun ways to engage learners of all types.  As students begin to use more technology at home and in schools, it’s important to adapt teaching methods to using technology and looking at how ESL students can improve their skills through mobile apps, games, etc.

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