“I Want to Go Faster!”: Teaching Transportation to Young Children

My EFL experience

I recently found myself at a loss while teaching methods of transportation to my students. I wanted to make the whole experience fun and kinesthetic, but I wasn’t sure how to do that.

So I did a little research online and ended up stumbling on this gem of a song: “I Want to Go Faster.” I decided that it was too awesome to not incorporate into my lesson, so I did!

To make this lesson work, you’ll need flashcards of the following methods of transportation: bike, bus, car, train, plane and rocket (you can get those flashcards and more here – unfortunately rocket isn’t included in that set, but you can get it here). You’ll also need a way of playing video/audio (personal computer or TV screen), and obviously, students.

Start by showing the students the different methods of transportation flashcards. Have them repeat the words several times so that…

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