English Language Improvement: Three Top Tips

The ZSP Experience

Why the heck is it so difficult to improve my English? Sometimes my friends will reach out to me for suggestions, and sometimes I myself will feel confused about bringing my English to the next level. Just a few weeks ago, I noticed that our brilliant teacher Patrick is running this amazing blog, which offers opportunities to publish our articles. I said to myself, why not have a try? Moreover, I want to share my humble opinions about English learning.


First of all, before answering the question, I’d like to ask you a question. Why are you learning English? You know, English is just a tool. An amazing tool yes, but it can’t exactly guarantee you anything unless you use it. It’s very time consuming, it has tremendous opportunity cost, plus you could always use the time to learn something else. Or you could just have fun; life is so damn hectic already…

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