How Do You Learn?


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I may have touched on this before, but it’s always worth revisiting. People are different in so many ways, of course. People differ in height, weight, body type, skin color, language, religion, political views, etc. If we were all the same, the world would be a boring place I think. Well, differences also show up in how people learn.

If you’ve ever been a student (which, I assume, is everyone), I’m sure you remember that some things were easier to learn than others. Also, some methods worked more effectively for you than for your classmates. I’m sure even now, as you’re working in whatever job you have, some training methods are more effective because that’s how you learn.

What are some different learning styles?

According to educational theorist, Neil Fleming, there are four major styles of learning. He’s coined the acronym, VARK, which stands for visual, audio, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. Here is a brief explanation for each style according to Fleming.


Learning-Styles (1)

Here’s the source for the image above.

As you read through each style, which one applies to you? For me, I was a mix of all of them. In case you don’t fit one of those styles, there is also the idea of seven different learning styles.


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As you read through each style and think about which one works for you. Now, if you’re a teacher, think about your students. As you observe them during the lesson, try to evaluate the methods you use and how well the students learn the content.

When you plan your lessons, think about using visuals to supplement your explanation. Or perhaps a song may work, too.  It’s impossible to accommodate for all styles, but it’s important to try your best to ensure every student can learn in his/her own way.

For more reading, you can go here and here.


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