Make Game Quizzes For ESL Lessons

I love this site and use it often. It’s a lot of fun and helps students form questions, as well as review key vocabulary and concepts. 🙂

ESL/EFL Teaching Ideas

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My younger students are very competitive and playful, and I love that about them. It is great to see that they are engaged and immersed in the activity, that they are having fun; and that they don’t even realise they are learning.

I am always in need of new resources, games, flash cards, you name it! Sometimes, I make my own, you can download them here: Media Card Game, Restaurant Menu Pair Work,  Travel&Holidays Card Game, Role plays- Travel. Another time, I happily turn to many online resources an ESL teacher can use. The one I recently used to revise reported speech, is Jeopardy Labs. It is an online template builder which allows you to build customised jeopardy (or a basic quiz game) template. It has a very simple, intuitive editor and when you have no time to build your own, you can browse…

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  1. These ideas are wonderful. I just forwarded them to our teachers who will be teaching children from China this coming summer. Thank you.

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