The biggest cost of ESL learning is INNER peace

The FUTURE of Learning


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Few people talk about this but it is actually true.

When someone is undergoing a learning process, there will be significant inner changes expected. Somehow you will be expected to ‘unlearn’ some bad habits and pick up some new correct ones. The challenge comes when someone already has learned a little ‘street’ English and thinks they’d like to take it further. The process of crashing down all the slang that has been picked up can be daunting.

For those who are learning the language for the first time, it can be in some ways less daunting as they are coming in with a somewhat empty slate. But still there will be any preconceived ideas about learning English and learning a foreign language and the use of the language and so on that will possibly need to be crushed. The hardest one of all will be the…

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