Top 7 tips for dealing with Student Apathy

Mr. Court EDU

Elementary and middle school students are still attention seekers.  They still want that sense of approval from their teachers.  The challenge with them is getting them to focus their energy on the task at hand.

What do you do when their is no energy?

As a high school teacher,  I see this behavior everyday.  Students that want nothing to do with learning regardless of how interesting or fun I make the lesson.  We feel like we try everything from our end to get these students motivated and they need to give a little bit on their end.  Regardless of what we try, nothing seems to get through.  Although their isn’t a simple solution to this, here is what I came up through my experience and research.

  1. Keep working toward building relationships

    You could go a whole year trying to spark discussion with students to get them talking, yet some students…

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