Top Ten Classroom Incentives

Holding The Paradox


Starting with number ten–

Hang on a minute. Before we begin, we must first decide as teachers: what do we reward? Reading and homework? Allan & Fryer, in 2011, wrote that rewarding activities like these would be called an input incentive. What about quiz and test grades? Is it only then that students will get their prize? Those are called output incentives, because the emphasis is on the external product. Input incentives show the most promising gains.

Here we go…

Wait! Which types of motivators are best? In other words, how do we reward? Well, let’s begin with the first type, because… to spoil the end, this section is less useful. But sometimes you have to start from the bottom and work your way up:

Extrinsic Rewards

In 2017, Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching’s website explains that extrinsic motivation is that which comes from the outside. This…

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