Assumptions vs The Evidence: ELLs

EDBE 3322

ELLs and ESLs are students who often get overlooked and underestimated by many educators and parents. There are many myths that people fall into when grading and observing the success of a student and their language development. There are many assumptions that people make towards students who are developing a second language.

While reading the myths that some people have towards ELLs or ESLs, there were many that I knew about but there were others that I was not aware that people use to categorize and label the students. One of those were that many people think that all ELL student are immigrants. Although the status of those families from where the students come from may be true, it does not necessarily apply directly towards the students. These students may be U.S natural born citizens but their past generations may have immigrated to the U.S sometime in the past. The…

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