Why and How I Learnt English

It’s always great to hear stories from ELLs. They provided important insight into how language learning takes place, and how teachers can better craft their methods.

Everyday Business English

The why

From someone who comes from a bilingual country where English is one of the two officials languages, I always found it weird to not be able to have a two minutes conversation. Having four hours of English courses weekly in high school and just three during my bachelor program wasn’t enough to reach my goal, I mean being able to be fluent in English. After an interview in a sales company that was hiring people who were able to speak and write French and English very well, I felt like it was the right time to take the bull by the horns because I missed that opportunity. That was a good one and I knew that if I don’t overcome that lack, I will miss many others.

The process

I decided to attend English courses during the summer because I was free and I really wanted to dedicate…

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