Teachers as Coaches

This is an excellent piece! It gives some great ideas with supporting examples. It also has links for further reading at the bottom.

Viz ESL Teaching

PRQVLFBST1I’ve recently been thinking about class-management and what my plans are for this coming academic year in terms of my role as a leader in the ESL classroom. I’ve struggled with this since the beginning of my teaching career, but it wasn’t until recently that I really started to change my perspective. For this coming term, I want to focus my attention on ways to shift my role from being just a teacher to a role that integrates the characteristics and responsibilities of a coach and mentor. I’d like to provide my ESL students guidance that respects their learning process and individuality. If I improve my ability to coach and create a sense of team camaraderie, I think it would increase their English skills and lower the affective filter. This requires for me to think about the way I structure the class and deliver feedback,  students’ emotional and academic needs, and…

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