How I Almost Ended Up in ESL

This is an interesting read from a Korean who moved to the United States. Give it a read!

Hoonie the Pooh

I’ll try to keep this story short. Or I’ll try to, anyway.

I first moved to United States in 2008 due to my dad’s business. Although my older sister had some prior knowledge of English(most Korean schools require English as a class), I, on the other hand, knew absolutely nothing. I mean, NOTHING. Well, that’s if I excluded all the times my teacher in Korea gave me sheets of paper with alphabets to trace on it. I specifically remember the alphabet “G” worksheet, because that was the only one I failed miserably at.

Because I had zero experience with English, I was probably going to be put in the ESL program, which is an English language study program for nonnative speakers( I didn’t know of this program until my second grad teacher recommended that I take this. I will be talking about her later in the story).

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