Teach Awesome! # 2- Effectively Use Positive Reinforcement

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What makes positive reinforcement special and very important to be used inside the classroom? Based on many teaching experiences, positive reinforcement is related to “timely encouragement” because with this technique there is “encouragement that follows good behavior.” This kind of reinforcement is also “done in order to emphasize the positivity of the action.”

Positive reinforcement is very effective to be used by teachers because this technique is hassle-free to execute therefore leading the pathway to the good behavior and the positivity of action and performance on the part of the students. Compared to other types of techniques like the use of harsh words to discipline a student, positive reinforcement can truly be an effective way to raise great students inside the classroom because not only does it make them aware of their strengths, but it also helps improve this even more for a long standing time.

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July 19, 2017 · 4:38 pm

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