The Importance Of Being a Relaxed Teacher.

We all need to relax more often.

ESL/EFL Teaching Ideas

Work-life balance has been a buzzword for quite some time now, and I can’t stress enough how important in the teaching profession it is not to work.

If you want to be healthy, efficient, good at your job and happy at the same time, you have to learn to let go. To stop and take a breath.

It is essential for your personal and professional life that you find joy in the work you do. And you can’t enjoy our job if you are permanently stressed and overworked. Your personal life will suffer and afterward, it’s a downward spiral.

How to find the time? Here’s a short list of tips.

1] Prioritise. You can never do all the tasks in one afternoon or evening, you’d be overwhelmed. Chose the most important ones, plan your work, and after you’ve finished them, don’t work.

2] Plan and prepare. Whatever it is, a lesson…

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