10 Ways to (Not) Teach Like a Hogwarts Professor

I love the HP series (books and movies)! I try to be like Dumbledore, but usually end up as Snape, haha!!

Which HP professor do you usually end up as?

The English Department

Growing up as the Harry Potter series of books and movies were released, there was nothing I wished for more than a Hogwarts letter that would take me out of rural Illinois and into the cozy castle and thrilling adventures of the Wizarding world. I always gaped at Ron and Harry’s complaints about homework–you can do magic! Your homework sounds awesome!–and longed to be in the classes of some of my favorite characters.

I recently re-read and re-watched the series as a grown-up high school teacher along with my husband, also a high school teacher. this time around, we noticed something different about our beloved Hogwarts professors: they are, for the most part, awful teachers.

This list isn’t for the entertainment of Harry Potter fans so much as it is guidance for new and pre-service teachers (who are also Harry Potter fans).  So, if you want to be a…

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