5 tips to help change the learning climate in your classroom

Changing Education

imagesRecently whilst I was having lunch in a staff room I was saddened to hear the team grumble about the behaviour of the children in their classes. This is a regular occurrence, and I have gotten used to hearing different excuses for the ‘unruliness’ the teachers complain about.

Sometimes the perceived bad behaviour is put down to the weather: it is too windy, too snowy, too hot, too rainy. Holidays: too near Christmas, too near the summer holiday. I have heard other excuses: the children are tired, too busy, too excited, too stressed because of tests. There is always an excuse, and the blame is always placed on the children.

I wonder why the teachers never reflect on what is happening in the class??. Many of the teachers are quick to place the blame on the children and instil even more punitive regulations to try to gain more control in…

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