Why it really matters teaching kids in cooking?


Sometimes I wondering was the children cooking class organized really benefit to the children and parents. Althought, I firmly believe that if we want to eat healthy, we need to know how to cook. As we start cooking, we get to know where food comes from. We start to source for freshest food source. We start to visit farm and make friend with food producers, human relations become more connected and the same of our relation with the Mother Earth. One day, this will bring a paradigm shift in current food system.

And nothing would be more delighted when I get to knew that the cooking class organized it does matter to a child. A child, Shawn, he started to cook fried rice at home for his family after he had attended the cooking class! He is 8 years old only.


Of course, I have to admit that the cooking…

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September 22, 2017 · 4:46 pm

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