Bubble Painting

We did a fun and messy activity in my reader’s club class! Earlier in the week we read an article about the biggest bubble somebody made for a new world record. That gave me the idea to do an activity with bubbles! 

We used a homemade solution for the bubbles. All you need is dishwashing soap, water, washable paint, a straw, and thick paper. 

Follow these steps. 

  • Put the dishwashing soap and water in a cup.
  • Then add some washable paint and mix. 
  • To make the print, blow the bubbles until they’re overflowing from the cup. 
  • Then gently lay thick paper over the bubbles and remove. 
  • When it’s finished, you should have some beautiful and colorful bubble prints! 

It was a fun and messy activity to do before the long holiday break we have next week! (A string of Korean holidays fall close together this year)

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