From the classroom to the computer: Making the jump to e-learning.

The ESL Garden

Being a Teacher is my passion. It is what I pretended to be as a little girl, what I did to make money as an undergraduate student and what I eventually found a career in. Most teachers are not in it for the money, rather they are teachers because they are a special breed of human being that seeks to impart knowledge on others and in doing so feels the gratification of seeing a student make discoveries and change because of what they have learned. Being in the classroom allowed me to do this everyday but it also took something from my time, my energy and me. I was so devoted to teaching that it left very little time for my family. In April 2017 I discovered VIPKID and I haven’t ever looked back.

VIPKID provides an American elementary school style experience to children in chia from the comfort of…

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