5 Tips For New Teachers

Reinventing the Wheel

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff

This is definitely easier said than done. Sometimes the little things add up to big things and it can be really hard to let them go, but you gotta! Lesson didn’t go the way you hoped? Deep breath, let it go. Got a nasty parent email? Respond with sugary sweetness and let it go. You are doing your best and in spite of how you feel you are probably doing great. Try to let the little things roll off your back as much as possible. If you were doing something big and terribly wrong, your principal would have told you by now. Don’t sweat it unless they do.

2. Explore as many other classrooms as possible

Finding out what kind of classroom set up works best for you takes time, and experience. It’s unlikely that whatever you decided on on the first day of school…

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