That Time When Your Students Returned From Winter Break…

Behavior basics

Is it time for Spring Break yet?


Students have been back in school following the end of Winter Break for a week or two now, and there is no doubt that some school staff all around this great country of ours are jokingly ask each other how much longer until Spring Break (and a few may even ask when MLK day is…).  I get it:  Many students, after being away from the structure and routine of school, come back needing some (or a lot of!) refreshers on school and classroom expectations and routines.  But you know what?

That’s okay.

When I return after a break, even I need a reminder or two about systems or routines, reports or deadlines, or policies that were put in place before the break.  Our kids are the same.  For those of us who work with any kiddos who receive special services, are in special…

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