ESL: Public vs private school in China

This is a great read comparing two different types of teaching environments for ESL teachers (in China). If you have similar experiences in your country, please share them!

Becky in China

Hundreds of thousands of foreigners currently teach ESL in China, and as the country paves its way through development the ESL market will continue to grow. So as a newbie teacher how do you decide what school to go for?

There are two main types of schools to teach at here: private and public. Public schools go from kindergarten to middle school to high school to university. Private schools can be all these ages in one building. There are positives and negatives to both so, drawing on my own experiences this blog post should give you an insight into deciding upon a school in China.

Public schools:

The first school I taught at in China was the public high school in this photo, in Fujian Province. As a new teacher it was terrifying at first but I quickly grew to love it. High school students are an interesting crowd!

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