5 Types of Classes You’ll Have as an EPIK Teacher

While I teach in the private sector, I do know a fair number of EPIK teachers here in Korea, and these classes are found across all types of institutions.

Hours and Miles

5 Types of Classes You’ll Have as an EPIK Teacher

Every class I teach has a distinct personality which is the puzzling combination of all 30 something personalities in the room. And despite the fact that often those personalities are each perfectly pleasant on their own they can sometimes combine into something truly bizarre.

So this is not to diminish the fact that yes every class is different, because every student is different.

But there are certainly “genres” that most classes tend to fall into. And knowing which kind of class I’m about to walk into can often do wonders for how I present the material. Figuring out what they need in combination with what they’ll be able to handle is the key.

(Also, I teach middle school and my classes usually have anywhere from 25-35 students. So I’m not 100% sure these will apply for younger kids or smaller…

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    Thanks for the re-blog! Hope your readers can find this interesting or helpful as well!

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