What Was That? – A Short Product Review

Hello everyone!

Has your week/month been as productive, busy, and tiring as mine has?

While I don’t do this type of writing often, I have been asked by a blogger from FluentU to share a review of different headphones for them!

Need Some New Headphones?

Have you, or your students, begun to lose concentration while planning or studying?

Well…. try these nifty and semi-affordable headphones out!

The article reviews a variety of headphones – from ear buds to full-on headsets – and discusses both the pros and cons of each type. The prices for the various earpieces run anywhere from $100 USD to more than $300 USD.


Source: https://www.reviews.com/bluetooth-headphones/


Source: https://www.reviews.com/bluetooth-headphones/

High Quality Sound, Functionality, and Portability

Sound quality is the most important thing when buying headphones. The article has a quote that put it best:

Dan Wiggins, acoustics and audio expert, told us, “The most important things to consider are functionality, portability, and audio quality.”

It’s not fun trying to listen to an audio track for conversation practice, dictation, or listening comprehension, using headphones with poor sound quality. It makes it difficult to understand what the speakers are saying and/or write down what is said (for dictation practice).

Also, if you like to study on the go, your headphones need to have a cord long enough for moving about, or be wireless. They should also be durable enough for repeated use, not allowing wires to short out or fray.

Comfort is also vital. If you can’t wear them comfortably, you can’t concentrated easily on your work. Many of the headphones and earbuds they mention look quite comfortable. They are all wireless and use Bluetooth technology for ease of use.

Increase Your Concentration

Many people like to listen to music while studying or lesson planning. I like to do that myself. So these headphones might help you focus on  your work while blocking outside noise.

Perhaps your students can use them while doing listening comprehension homework or dictation practice.

Or… maybe you just like how they look.

In any case, I encourage you to read the article and find out for yourself!



Best Bluetooth Headphones



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