Student-Teacher Social Networking: Ethical? Yay or Yay?

Hmm… this is a big topic these days. What do you all think?

I follow a few former students who are now in university. I rarely talk to them, and mostly follow their art photos.

The Millennial Teacher teaching Future Generations

Sitting in a staff-room, many a time, student- teacher interaction becomes a topic of discussion, what is ethical and what isn’t? Many teachers stand by the “formal interaction with students only” rule: e-mails only, no contact information, no responding after 8 PM, no interaction on social media, yadda yadda yadda. While these rules might have their own logic backing them up, I sit twiddling my thumbs because I follow students and allow them to follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Hear me out, no, I don’t blindly allow them to follow me on every social networking site I’m on. I allow them to follow me on certain platforms and keep that in mind when I post content.  Why? It’s simple, establishing a student-teacher bond in today’s digital world cannot be the same as 25 years ago. While we exist as physical beings, we also exist as virtual beings. Our students…

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