Substitute Teacher Emergency Kit

This is great if you ever find yourself subbing for another class, or needing someone to sub for yours.

Alison's ESL Classroom

Let’s set the scene. Say your teaching contract has just ended, you’re between jobs, or you work part time. You decide to put yourself on the substitute teacher list. You arrive to do a two day substituting gig, only to find that there is no lesson plan left for you. That was me this week. I walked into an upper intermediate ESL classroom 45 minutes before class started to a note that said “be creative! :)” Sure, I love being creative, but I need to be emotionally prepared for it! I am a planner through and through, so this really put me in a pinch.

So what do you do when there is no lesson plan? After a bit of research, a lot of panic, some new experiences, and advice from colleagues, I’ve created something of a substitute emergency kit.

A good go-to base to build upon is to have…

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  1. This is very helpful. Often times going into an ESL classroom is tricky because the teacher leaves work that is not very engaging, and this causes the students to lose control. Or they don’t leave any work at all, like in your situation.

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