Relational Aggression in Elementary School: The Search for the Power Between

Sometimes, bullying happens in unseen forms, or away from the teacher’s watching eyes. This post contains lots of helpful information and things to look for.

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By Amanda C. Symmes, LICSW

Relational Aggression in Elementary School: The Search for the Power BetweenSome days I find “Notes to the Counselor” scrawled on recycled scraps of paper and stuffed into a box outside my office. These notes, usually authored by girls, hold genuine pain that graphite cannot contain:

Dear Ms. Symmes,
Jill and Dasia won’t talk to me anymore. We used to all be best friends, but now they keep whispering about me, and when I try to talk to them, they roll their eyes and walk away. They also said I cannot be in their group for the social studies project anymore and I don’t know what to do! Please help!

Other days, I open my office door to find someone who has left lunch crying because she cannot “handle the drama anymore.” She tells me, “Leilani posted a duet with me on Musically, and then Cece said in the comments that I was so ugly and…

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