What Korean Middle School Students Are Worried About

This post may bring back some embarrassing middle-school memories. Still, it’s great for getting to understand your students better. Check it out, and ask your own students if they can add to it!

Hours and Miles

What Korean Middle School Students Are Worried About

(Or: What my kids wanted to tell me when they had 2 minutes of my undivided attention.)

I’m just about finished with all of the speaking tests for this semester and as always it’s been the most fun I’ve had with my students so far this year.

I love speaking tests for a lot of reasons (not the least of which includes not having to plan lessons for two weeks) but the biggest is definitely getting to have one on one conversations with students who can often get lost, despite my best attempts, in a class of 37 other students.

I love getting to see their personalities a little clearer, know their English levels a little better, and by trying incredibly hard to create a comfortable and fun atmosphere, remind them that speaking English is not really all that scary.

My goal…

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